Wedding Gowns

The most important feature of your wedding

As you walk down the aisle, everyone will be looking at you, admiring your sense of style and fashion. Make sure you care for this expensive sentimental apparel properly by using a nationally recognized professional.

Before you Walk into Your Reception, Be Aware . . .

Guests will spill drinks down your back and on your train.

Did you know? Alcohol acts like a bleach and sugars turn brown over time!

Our Custom Cleaning process is the only way to remove these damaging stains.

Your hemline acts like a magnet for dirts and oils that will absorb deep into your fabric.

Did you know? Your train and hemline can be irreversibly damaged from dancing, outdoor usage, car doors and any other contact with the elements.

The sooner we can apply our hand-cleaning methods to your hemline, the better the chances of excellent results.

Shoe heels, yours and your guests', will put holes in your gown.

Did you know? Stepping on your train, by you or your guests, will pull at materials in your gown that cannot be repaired as new.

Our experienced Alterations Department will use the best methods possible to hide these blemishes.

Did you know? In order to get the most value out of your gown and to protect it, your gown needs to be shipped to us for cleaning no later than 1-2 days after your reception.

Your gown cannot go on the honeymoon, has a job to do restoring it to its original luster.

For every week a stain remains in your gown, you lose 10% of the chance of recovering your gown to its original state.

Did you know? The more fragile the fabric, the higher the loss. And not all stains are visible.

For example, the loss for a champagne stain (which dries clear) on a silk garment is as great as 20% per week.

You cannot afford to wait! Our thorough inspection process combined with your detailed information regarding the use of your gown will help us achieve the best possible results in returning your gown to a near-preused condition.

When storing your gown, your veil, shoes, slips and other accessories need to be packed separately from your gown.

Did you know? The glues and metals in these items will contaminate your gown.

We will clean your veil and slips free when accompanied by your wedding gown.

Your wedding gown's value depreciates 50% once it has been used for the purpose it was intended, according to the International Fair Claims Guide.

You can preserve the rest of your investment by having your gown professionally cleaned immediately after use.


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