Pickup and Delivery - Office

Dry cleaning pickup & delivery at your office

View Cleaners, Orange County’s premiere dry cleaner would like to introduce a new product to you. Efficiency experts agree this program is a win-win situation for companies and employees alike.

Give your employees more time and less stress, with regularly scheduled non-disruptive pick-up and delivery service right to your business.

View Cleaners will dispatch a friendly driver with discount coupons flyers to get your employees started. Ask about our special FREE offer for HR managers.

Call Pierre Cinar, President of View Cleaners at (877) View-VIP today.

How does it work? It’s so easy!

  • View Cleaners will pick up and deliver on scheduled days each week.
  • Have your employees complete a VIP EXPRESS SERVICE sign-up form and we’ll provide FREE VIP bags with customized nametags for each employee. Each person’s laundry preferences will be kept on file.
  • Choose a location in your building or office where we can pick up the personal items to be dry-cleaned and place them in a chosen location.
  • Have each person place all items to be dry cleaned, laundered, or altered in their VIP bag and fill out the online order form at www.viewcleaners.com.
  • Employees submit credit card information online to our secure server, and print two copies of the order form. One is placed in the bag, and the other is for you.
  • Once the order is submitted electronically, a confirmation is emailed back.

Make every employee an MVE! (Most Valuable Employee) Give your employees the benefit of pick-up and delivery of their dry cleaning at work.

Join the growing number of corporations adding this service to their employee benefits packages. Take advantage now of our non-disruptive pick-up and delivery service and add these benefits now:

  • Employee benefit
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Time efficient
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Discounted pricing for corporate employees
  • Additional Human Resource Director incentives available
  • Quality product/services

Human Resource Directors enjoy the additional perk of free dry cleaning.

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