Consumer Tips

Taking Care

The Tips contained in this section are written by Bill Griggs and based on information and supporting documentation provided by the International Fabricare Institute, contributor to the improvement of the drycleaning industry for consumers.

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+ Is Your Cell Phone A Hazard To Your Clothes?

+ Why Is My Dress Unravelling?

+ When The Invisible Spot Becomes Visible

+ My Blouse Has See Thru Spots!

+ When Spots Pop Back Up

+ Why are my Whites turning Grey after washing or drycleaning?

+ Get Your Fall Closet In Order

+ What is Wedding Gown Preservation?

+ Extend The Life Of Your Wardrobe

+ Prevent Holiday Fashion Problems from Purchase to Care

+ Company is Coming! Clean Your Draperies & Bedspreads

+ Tablecloths, the Foundation of Beautiful Dining!

+ Holes In Your Oxford Cloth Shirt?

+ Is Your Wedding Gown Clean & Safely Stored?

+ Take Care of Your Winter Coats

+ Suede & Leather: Skins Need Care Too!

+ Have Your Clothes Lost Color?

+ Rainwear Care for April Showers!

+ Save your clothes from damage by insects, heat, mildew and light exposure

+ Fly A Clean Flag This Year!