Wedding Gown FAQs

Wedding Gown Restoration and Preservation FAQs

These frequently asked questions cover everything from the process of cleaning your gown to restoring and preserving it for years to come.

+ What is color restoration?

+ Where should I mail my gown?

+ How much will it cost to restore my gown?

+ Where will you ship to?

+ My gown is an heirloom and is going to be altered. Should I clean or alter it first?

+ Will my gown change color in the color restoration process?

+ Can I match lace from today to a gown from yesterday for alterations?

+ Does lace and fabric, such as silk and satin, change color by the same degree during the color restoration process?

+ Can results of the color restoration process be determined before cleaning?

+ How much will it cost to press my gown?

+ What is preservation?

+ How soon after my wedding should I have my gown cleaned?

+ When you ship my gown will it be insured?

+ How much will preservation cleaning and boxing cost for my gown?

+ How long does the cleaning process take?

+ Can I look at my gown after it has been cleaned and boxed?

+ How do I know it is my gown?

+ Do you offer a lifetime guarantee?

+ Can I "preserve" my train, slips, headpiece, shoes also?

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